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Oct 29, 2012 12:15am EDT
with a 4-3 victory in game 4. ken rosenthal standing by with tigers' manager jim leyland. >> ken: jim, you had such a great run to get here. you beat the a's, you swept the yankees. what happened in this series? >> it was freaky. i would never guess we would have swept the yankees and i never would have guessed the giants would sweep us. i want to start by congratulations the giants. there's nothing fluky but it. about it goes sevengation, maybe it's a fluke but they swept us. they were the better team. they beat us four straight. you have nothing to complain about. we didn't hit enough, we didn't score runs. >> ken: obviously coming into the series you are thinking about a lot of things. you are down 3-0 coming into tonight. did you think if you got this win, with verlander going tomorrow, you had a chance to get back in? >> i sure did. you know, you can only take it one at a time. but i felt good coming into this series about our pitching staff and they were terrific. you know, scherzer did a great job. wasn't quite as strong sometimes with his velocity but he did a great job. i felt rea
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1